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    New Mandolin Day

    Got my tax refund last week, thought I'd try something better than the Rogue RM-100a I'd had for a couple years. Ordered a Rover RM-25s, $103.00 at Amazon. Turns out to be pretty nice, mahogany back and sides, so it's more a folk mandolin than a Bluegrass job. Of course the mandolin snobs turn...
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    How Many Guitars do you own

    I've passed the twenty mark: Hamer SBFT USA Peavey Predator Electra X290 Workingman's Special Kimaxe Tele copy Squier strat w/upgraded neck Aria Pro II Strat (slide) Marlin Loner superstrat Washburn MG-44 superstrat w/floyd Epiphone LP Special P90 DanoKent-Coral Hornet with Kent neck for slide...
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    How to recover range after surgery

    I went in for a hernia operation in December 2012. There were complications from the anesthetic, and I was laid up for a month in ICU. During that time I was fitted with a trache tube, which I had for about a month. I figured it would take some time to recover my singing voice, and my low end...
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    Having trouble with an Axiom 25 v2

    I picked up an Axiom 25 v2 at a yard sale today. It powers up and the display works along with the editing buttons, but my macs don't recognize it other than Audio and Midi Utility (10.6.8 and 10.5.8). This is supposed to be p-n-p, but I'm getting no sound. I also did the Factory Reset. Any...
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    Expression Pedal for Guitar Rig 3 LE

    I got this software on a DVD from Computer Music magazine a few months ago and finally got the authorization worked out. It sounds good with the guitars I've tried with it, but I need to rig up an expression pedal for the wah since my CryBabys are really noisy under gain. I don't need all the...