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    All Day Long - Mix advice

    Nope. Not visible.
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    Mastering: The DIY Guide

    Falls at almost the first hurdle for me. Your friend describes how to compress something and describes a process based entirely on meter read-outs what is IMHO entirely the wrong approach. It's your ears that count in every circumstance and doing anything simply by achieving certain meter...
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    Sound On Sound FREE online for 3 months.

    Heads up for this. Sound on Sound offering free online version for June, July and August. June edition ready now. Go to site and register (if you aren't already) and there you go.
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    Loudness meter help

    I seem to recall that I came across some metering software a while back where you loaded the audio file, it analysed it and gave you integrated and other loudness readings WITHOUT having to play through the whole track. But I cannot for the life of me remember who does it or what it was called...
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    Studio Monitor question

    About to get my first set of monitors, cheap, not sure what yet but I have questions. My audio interface has 1/4 jack sockets for line out. Most of the monitors I see have RCA leads. So, will I be ok using rca to jack lines instead. I can't see a reaon why not, but ... Pic shows RCA to jack...
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    Izotope moves audio repair to next level?

    RX7 is out and one part of it's that's new fascinates me. It's called Rebalance and here's what one site says about it. "Also new is Music Rebalance, which uses an algorithm trained with machine learning to perform source separation by identifying vocals, bass, percussion and other...
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    Big Business and it's "profitability"

    I'm not stupid (laughter hits my ears) and I know a bit about the world. BUT Here in the UK, one of the biggest construction firms, Carillion is on the verge of collapse. Part of it's problem (say wise commentators) is that it has debts of £1bn and owes it's workers' pension fund another £05bn...
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    Quality Mastering. Affordable prices

    Our partners at CS-Mastering hope it's ok to mention their services here. If not, please remove this post, Mods. Quality Mastering | Affordable prices |CS Mastering