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    Who Cover Tune

    The vocals and instrumentation are actually really nice, the drums I can't possibly abide. Sorry :-(
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    Mixing advice for this

    Yeah I find it such a gigantic pain in the ass that I barely bother anymore. I can't stand the whole get something down then futz with it forever anymore. I have been recording continuously since 1987 and my recordings and mixes still are all over the map lol.
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    Mixing advice for this

    Since you were looking for advice - keep doing whatever you are doing :-)
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    Mixing advice for this

    Just wanted to say that overall I love the song, performance and mix. There is some generalized weirdness/artifacts, I think coming from soundcloud but even that doesn't detract. Good stuff man. I don't check in often but its great to find gems like this waiting.
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    when I was alive

    When I was alive 06-26 Final Mix When I was alive by Hotel Limbo | Free Listening on SoundCloud 06-21-2020 mix four deleted/space cleanup 06-14-2020 mix one deleted/space cleanup When I was Alive 06-20-2020 mix two deleted/space cleanup This is an old one of mine from the vault my son and...
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    Blue Light - New Track - First Mix

    Hey thanks for checking it out. I wear my Lou on my sleeve that is for sure. Been a fan since my buddy turned me on to the velvets back in high school. I am really getting into the drum recording and playing - huge transition from years of drum machines and ekits. Watching and listening to...
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    Blue Light - New Track - First Mix

    Hey all, first mix of a new track called Blue Light. Any/all feedback welcome. THANKS BlueLight2.mp3 - Google Drive MIX TWO: 04/19 - bluelight2_m4.mp3 - Google Drive Played with levels, made drum bus with tape sim and compressor and lowered, hi passed all the reverb returns to move mud...
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    White Noise

    Shooting for an old Velvets, Feelies type vibe. Drums and piano are stereo ribbon, panning is however mic was aimed. Google Drive Link whitenoise_10.wav - Google Drive
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    Old country song on piano

    Hi I havent been recording in a long time but tonight I recorded this old country song on piano and vocal. Let me know what you think.
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    Anybody need or want piano on a track....

    Hi All, If the mods think this post is off topic and move please consider I posted it here because it gets the most action and a lot of people I like and know from over the years post original tracks here. I have my new/old Yamaha U3 upright and a good stereo mic and recording setup now but a...
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    My new (old) U3 piano and the recording thereof, part deux

    Continuation of last post on my recently purchased 76 Yamaha U3 upright. Finally got it tuned after about a month to get acclimated to new environment. After some false starts with ground loop/noise issues, noisy power, gain issues, mic problems, boom problems, etc. I am finally up and...
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    Hey all, Super excited. Been looking for a new piano for 2 years, finally found "the one" and pulled the trigger. It's a minty fresh 77 Yamaha U3 (tallest upright they make), plays like butter, sounds like thunder. It's a massive upgrade from my previous P22. Gets delivered tomorrow morning...
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    The lost art of living

    I guess it is over the top, but I haven't figured out if it is too over the top (for me) :-) I will have to re-cut it if I do decide its too over the top cause 90% of that is the verb on the amp and the mic in the room. I will play around with some volume automation on the vocals. Thanks for...
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    The lost art of living

    This is a track I've been working on that's been KILLING me. Stylistically I am going for a 60s kind of vibe. I realize the vocal is super wet - that part is intentional, and that my vocal is all over the map and pitchy - so it goes - I've tried about 100 vocal takes of this thing.. I had this...
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    Video for they dont

    Hi, Made this extremely boring video for my track they don't. Like just about all my tracks for the past few years this one went through the clinic. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Chuck