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    Something very cool might happen...

    Some of you will have seen my middle finger bass in the guitar forum.One of my facebook friends (some of you might remember whyseye) is trying to see if Lee Sklar is interested in it.Turns out he's a middle finger aficionado.Very strange! :D Wish me luck...not only would it be so cool to seel a...
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    Leonard Cohen's dead

    Fiddlesticks!:( Leonard Cohen Dead at 82 - Rolling Stone
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    The wierd shit I build thread

    Some of the weird instruments I've been working on. I call this one "The Bird". I gigged with it recently. Raised a few eye brows! :D
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    New 6 string atrocity

    My latest build.One piece African mahogany.Guitar fetish minihumbuckers.First time I've built the neck on one of my guitars.I stuck on the fretboard from a Les Paul clone I had.I don't have the courage, tools or know how to make one of those, yet. Doesn't look too bad, until you get up close!:D
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    Sorrow in Gminor

    Fairly straight forward slow blues tune, about blues stuff. MP3 Player SoundClick
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    The Unlived Life

    Here's one I've been dicking around with for a couple years. MP3 Player SoundClick
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    youtube hilarity...

    My youngest son introduced me to this delightful train wreck. I find myself watching it several times a day!
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    Axe To Grind

    Here's a song I wrote 23 years ago. This is my 3rd go around recording it (my pathetic archiving habits are such that I have no remaining copies of the 1st 2 versions.) I whipped it together fairly quickly. Basically a cynical view of politics, over a basic reggae, I IV V progression. Enjoy...
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    Anybody got a sitar?

    I want to build one. Why do these thoughts have to come into my head?:confused:
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    Paul Kanter died

    Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane Co-Founder and Guitarist, Dies at 74 - Yahoo News I wonder if this near nobody made anyone's death pool.
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    It appears that Glenn Frey bit the big one

    oh...I'll be nice!
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    Lay That Burden Down

    My latest. Kind of a contrived combination of Wish You Were Here and Freebird. Kind of a fun pallet of sounds to work with, though. MP3 Player SoundClick
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    Killed by death

    Looks like Lemmy died.
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    My latest tragedy..semi-acoustic upright bass

    Still needs wiring, and some setup, but I'm done pretty much done with this wretch!