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    Greg Lounsberry Fireside Chat (video)

    Aired live Nov 4, 2022 (without live Q&A) Greg discusses his background in robotic engineering and how that experience led him to establishing effects pedals for musical instruments. Used by world-class musicians, Greg touches upon what makes his designs unique and some of the problems...
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    Interview with Strobel Guitars + Live Q&A (you're invited!)

    Live on Nov 12th at 11 am EST will be an interview/demo + live Q&A for guests to participate. Just click the Zoom link at 11 am EST and you'll get in: Teaser: Talking points: Greg discusses his background in robotic...
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    Invitation: Live Chat/Q&A with Greg Lounsberry (Lounsberry Pedals)

    For those who don't want to bother with the registration, here is a direct Zoom link. Log on just before 11 am EST, Nov 5th
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    Invitation: Live Chat/Q&A with Greg Lounsberry (Lounsberry Pedals)

    One time showing on November 5th, 2022, at 11 am EST. Registration is free with promo code: Member Plan At this link: Guests can ask Greg Lounsberry questions after a 15-minute chat, where Greg discusses his background in robotic...
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    Carl Martin Ampster (review/demo)

    I have worked with a number of pre-amps with on-board cab sims, few of which grabbed my attention. The pre-amp sections were fine, for the most part, but often their cab sims sounded boxy, honky or fizzy, thus making it difficult to dial into a usable tone. They were decent and did the job, but...
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    Ampster demo (Carl Martin)

    Yes, I find it sounds very good considering it's direct input with a cab sim.
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    Ampster demo (Carl Martin)

    I plan on doing an extended demo (showing the features after the music number), and a written review... for now, something I put together (I'm impressed!):
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    Mo Bass by Lounsberry (demo/review)

    Mo Bass is the signature analog, true-bypass pedal of Derek ‘Mo’ Moore, the bassist for the Prog band Nektar. As a pre-driver, Mo Bass does not provide more (mo) bass, as some may interpret the name, but enhances the tone – as it does for six-string and organ (which I’ll address that later). In...
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    Direct Boxes

    I actually plug into a Fractal Audio FM3 (for cab sims, effects, etc.), and that plugs into an interface (to my computer). I didn't have to set it up like that. My recording software actually recognizes the FM3 as the input and not the input that my FM3 goes into (since the FM3 is connected to...
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    Sonicake's 5th Dimension (review/demo)

    Sonicake’s 5th Dimension is a Swiss Army Knife of pedals. These multi-effects pedals have been around for a while, but the affordability of the 5th Dimension certainly makes it ideal for those looking to access various modulations in their most basic form. Contained under the aluminum alloy...
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    Wave Crush by Sonicake (review/demo)

    If you can do it another way, then that's fine. I like hardware, but certainly understand the value of plug-ins for any musician and especially keyboardists. It might be more practical in a live situation, but I guess it depends if you have a laptop on stage.
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    Wave Crush by Sonicake (review/demo)

    Bit crushers are a specialty pedal, and some may consider their use limited and when wanting a lo-fi sound. However, I do find them most appropriate for guitar when applied in a low dose, which I’ll address later. The Sonicake Wave Crush is a different animal, and for the price, it offers a lot...
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    NEXG (smart guitar) demo/review

    Enya-Music’s NEXG may seem a novelty at first, but this is a quality instrument with excellent sound. It’s similar to the Yamaha silent guitars, but there are more features and flexibility with the NEXG, besides its onboard speaker system. In respect to playability, the action is very good for...