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    Little Blues - Long Lost Friend (colab)

    Thanks jimi I hear what you're saying. Going to revisit
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    Killing floor

    Great song !! There's so many really good versions of this tune, couldn't even begin to count them. I think this version is right up there amungst some of the best. Got great feel, vibe, musicianship, tone....... got it all. Great job !! Dig this
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    Little Blues - Long Lost Friend (colab)

    Long List Friend is a collaboration by Charles, Barry, Mike, Erik Just messing around a bit. Didn't have the stems so it's lead guitar over backline Trying to get it to sit so it feels like it's all in the same space. Thx
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    Left With You - wip -

    Genre: Old school punk crossover rock and roll ? Work in progress Box Edit: 2nd try Box 3rd: after comment from "spantini" Box All thoughts welcomed Thank you
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    Happy Halloween !! .... SKULLS ....

    This is a quick one in spirit of Halloween just for fun !!! Skulls Box Happy Halloween !!! Enjoy
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    I don't believe a word - critique request

    Hey folks been a while. Looking for thoughts on this one and any tips you may be willing to pass on. Anything goes.... Thx I Don't Believe a Word Box Updated: This was the mix I ended up submitting Don't Believe a Word v9 by WrisTLocK | Wris TLoc K | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    The New War - Hard Rock/Metal

    The New War The New War by WrisTLocK | Wris TLoc K | Free Listening on SoundCloud Box Notes: The guitars were close mic'd w/sm57 and bass was Di through over drive I used EZ Drummer2 80's kit If anyone is interested in mixing the tune I posted a link to stems in MIX THIS The New War -...
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    The New War - Hard Rock/Metal - Mix it

    ***********New download available*************************** Contains - Raw DI Guitars(3) DI BASS, Raw individual unprocessed Vocal tracks(3) Drum midi *************New Link********************************************** Box ************************************************** *****************...
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    Hit Shitter - Metal-ish (80's)?

    Was going for more Ufo then hair spray, kind of 80's ish i guess. I think i may upload tracks and post to "mix this" sometime soon. I would be grateful for any thoughts and/or ideas for improvement. Thank you Box
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    Over God

    work in progress . Would like the vocal harmonies to sound better. My 10 year old daughter knocked her part out of the park Any and all thoughts welcomed. Thank you Over God by WrisTLocK | Wris TLoc K | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Critique new HEAVY track

    Critique my tune, recording and mix Track : ALL LIES - OCTAGON OCTAGON-23.mp3 - Google Drive
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    Nothing Looks Good On You - collab w/sammydix

    This song was originally an attempt at a country tune. I'm not sure what happened to that idea. Struggling with lyrics and even more so with vocal performace I called upon the one and only, Sammydix down in Atlanta, Georgia Sammy kept my title but wrote his own lyrics and of course performed all...
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    Dog off the leash

    Rock Guitar Instrumental Hendrix/Beck inspired Just for fun DOG OFF THE LEASH by WrisTLocK | Wris TLoc K | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    FIRE FLIES - mix help (Stoner, Grunge, Metal)

    Been workin on this track for awhile, trying to dial up the right tones and all that. Haven't quite got to where I want to be yet, but while mucking around with this stuff I feel like I lost some of the original energy. How does this happen from EQ changes ? Critique, thoughts or ideas on any...
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    Out of Mind, Out of Sight (Rock/Metal)

    I just got my first ever pair of monitors, KRK RP-5's up until now I did everything using my home stereo with big old 80's tower speakers. The difference is huge and drastic. Not use to the monitors yet but hopefully my mixes will improve now that I can actually hear without all the added...