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    Adding three-prong cable to old reel to reels?

    I'll go with it does not need a ground. The power transformer isolates the AC mains from the chassis ground of the deck so there is nothing hot from the mains that would normally get through to the chassis and create a shock hazard. Not sure if you may have issues with hum depending on if the...
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    DR-44WL display does not show all details

    If you didn't know there are two manuals for the DR-44WL. One is like an overview and the other more complete. I found this out for my DR40X when I wasn't finding info that I thought should be in the manual Owners Manual........
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    DBX 286s LED Meters Not Working

    If you haven't already, try the switch positions on the back side of the SM7b also. They may give you a bit different sound that is more to your liking.
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    DBX 286s LED Meters Not Working

    The SM7b has a particularly low output compared to most other dynamic mics. Did GC try the 286s with your mic and your cable or a different one in the store? I did just try my SM7b with my 286s and needed the gain pretty much all the way up and speaking 3'-4" from the mic get a deflection on the...
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    DBX 286s LED Meters Not Working

    Are you using a mic for the input and if so what is it (make and model)? If using a mic, are you using an XLR to XLR cable and not an XLR to 1/4"? You've tried the input gain knob at maximum? Can you get the input 'CLIP' LED to flicker on with the input gain maxed and strong signal? The 'CLIP'...
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    Yamaha keyboard with MIDI (USB type B connector)

    If you haven't yet looked, there may be some settings in the keyboard that affect how MIDI is sent out. Pages 80 and 81 screenshots below. It appears there are drivers that are compatible up to Win10 both 32 bit and 64 bit if that's what you're using. I just tried installing the driver on a...
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    Heil PR35 as Compared to a Miktek PM9

    Long shot if anyone has had both mics at some point to compare, but I'll ask......... I currently have a Miktek PM9 I use live and for occasional recording. It's a super cardioid and to my ears sounds somewhat close to a smooth condenser and probably one of my better handheld dynamic mics. The...
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    Basic oscilloscope help

    Most scopes will have a square wave at that terminal and can be used to adjust the frequency compensation which affects the rise and fall edge when displayed. The probes he got look like they may have an adjustment back at the BNC end...
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    How to connect a monitor out to a headphone amplifier

    Where do you get the info that the HM-4 accepts unbalanced and balanced 'signals'? The HM-4 input has a TRS jack, but that is for an unbalanced stereo input and the HM-4 does not convert/create a balanced signal. A balanced connection and a stereo connection are two different things.
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    Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine User Patterns

    How are your skills at fixing/repairing gear? If SR-16 is a bit old, the coin battery that retains the patterns in memory may need replacing and unfortunately to make it more challenging the original battery is of a soldered in type. I've had my SR-16 since 1992 and I think some where along the...
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    simple standalone "portastudio" for home recording

    I had looked at the Tascam 'Model' series and also Zoom's Livetrak's as a possible replacement for my aging 2488NEO. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but on both the Tascam 'Model' and the Zoom's 'Livetrak' series, the channel to track relationship appears to be 'fixed'. You can't...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    The HD280Pro's are a closed back design like the DT770's. Both good for tracking with the closed back design. I have had a pair of the HD280Pro's for a number of years and have not had a problem with them, but I do use them less than my preferred Sony MDR-7506's and AT ATH-M50X's. Use your...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    Your DT770's are what are known as a 'closed back' design. The AKG K240's are 'semi-open' design. They will sound a bit different. The semi-open type will let some room sound through to your ears and sound more 'open', and conversely will let the sound of the headphones leak out into the room...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    Yup, bought new in about 1969 in Germany. Used it up through the mid 80's. Had to replace the output transistors following a lightening hit to the house, but otherwise still works.
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    Some amps may have used resistors to attenuate, but not this old Sansui. When using headphones the speakers were set to off by way of a switch.