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    I call this one Manilla in the Trap

    Do let me know what you think and be fair because I'm getting used to trapstep. :listeningmusic:
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    Is Stereo and Mono good for quieting songs in a set?

    So, there's this set of songs. And some have to have elements of quietness but others they have to be louder and more real, in your face. Would the mono and stereo settings (their feature) be my best bet for this kind of mixing goal?
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    Any good reads OF "stems" or groups of tracks to Master

    With regard to stems, the groups of drums, synthy parts, and chorus pieces. I want to know how to master them separately and effectively, being new to mastering. Can anyone point me to some easy readings on the internet? (FREE) Although I'm not expecting to pay for anything, if at all possible..
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    Question about Online Presence

    I'm posting here for personal direction and to share concerns with ya'all. Are there people who say there's a right way to do it? An example of my abilities aren't available yet (as I know it would help you reply), so I just want to speak for the "design" part of marketing. Would it matter...