Hi everyone,

We've started up a new MusicCreators email discussion list on eGroups for those who are interested in participating.

Basically the list is designed to let composers and musicians connect with each other and talk about gear (including soft-samplers and soft-synths such as Gigasampler/GigaStudio, Reaktor, EXS24, Unity, etc.), music software and hardware, music and composition technique, audio recording and mixing technique, sample libraries, film scoring, orchestration, instruments and instrumentation etc in an email environment. Basically everything related to the craft of Music Creation :-).

Feel free to attach MIDI files of your compositions to messages for analysis by other list members or upload MP3's of your music and/or samples/patches and so on (non-commercial of course) as you see fit to the file section. There is also a real-time chat area and a bunch of other neat features


Happy composing :-)