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Thread: Help required for songwriter in the UK

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    I appreciate I may be requesting help that has already been covered by other threads but without sifting through all threads to find it, could anyone give me some guidance on how to cheaply but securely copyright my material. I am a songwriter in the UK and would like to know how best to properly copyright my songs with reference to UK copyright requirements.
    I have 8-track digital equipment and master to mini-disc and CD.

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    Try the link in the "Copywriting my Music" thread.
    I don't know if those forms are for international registration or not.

    Alternatively, one of the oldest tricks is to mail your master to yourelf insured post. This servers as a legal indication of date via the postmark.

    A safer and more concrete alternative is to send it to yourself via a shipping company in a secured container. These containers have tamper proof spoilers on them that are meant to protect your shipment from unscrupulous handlers, but in this case serve as a strong legal indicator of proof of copyright date.

    Remember your work is copyrighted as soon as it is mastered, there is no legal requirement to do anything else.
    You do not HAVE to file any papers of any sort, but to do so greatly speeds up and secures the process.
    The only absolute proof you need is the DATE of mastering.

    As far as I know, this is international law, but it's been a long time since law class......

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