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Thread: New to Forum - New Studio Gear Connection Question

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    New to Forum - New Studio Gear Connection Question

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    Hi all,
    This is my initial post to this forum. I'm about to start building a new home that will include a semi-professional recording studio. Meaning I want it to have pro level equipment but it's still a hobby. The live room will be a 25'x18', vaulted space. I want to hard-wire (in wall) multiple locations for mic/line inputs and then be able to route at any time an input to a particular external pre-amp or mixer channel. For example, I might route a vocal both mic thru my 727 or straight to the mixer channel. I would appreciate any info regarding this connection issue. My current home studio simply has dedicated connections to each input.
    Thanks for your consideration. WS

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    Patch bay and a bunch of soldering in your future.

    Sounds fun!
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