So after months of hard work I finally got the big pay check I've been wanting so that I could afford to upgrade my "home studio." Beforehand all I had was a Tascam US-1641, a Presonus M7 Condenser, a Shure SM57, a set of CAD Drum Mics (with no cables -.-), and some of the crappiest "studio" headphones I could find. Don't get me wrong, this set up did WONDERS for me and really made me think outside of the box to get a decent recording, but it was time for an upgrade.

After months of arduous research I finally came upon the monitors I wanted to get, the Yamaha HS80M and found a KILLER deal on Ebay for a brand new pair of them.

Today I have the following items coming in:

  • Avantone CV-12 Tube Condenser Microphone
  • Avid Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 11
  • Rack Rails, Face Plates, and Vents for the DIY Rack I'm building
  • Amplifier Stand for my 6505+ 112
  • MoPads
  • Various cabling (TRS, XLR, SPDIF, etc)
  • Furman M8X2 Power Conditioner

I'm so excited!

On top of all this new gear I'll also be building some DIY Monitor Stands, the DIY Rack mentioned about, and some DIY acoustic paneling.

When I get home today I'll be snapping many pictures and I will be updating this thread with all of it. Cant wait!