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Thread: Control Room/Live Room Glass Option - NEED ADVICE!!

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    Control Room/Live Room Glass Option - NEED ADVICE!!

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    I'm building my studio in the basement and have been doing TONS of research. I want to do it right, but at the same time, my pockets have limits.

    My question here lays in the glass between the control room and the live room. I have finished framing the subfloor (which doesn't touch the walls) and the walls, EXCEPT for the control/live room wall. I will build this as a double wall with a three inch gap (this is the last wall frame to go up, as I need to make my glass decision).

    I will use iso clips with double 5/8ths and Green Glue on the live room side, and single (maybe double 5/8ths) on the control room side. I understand that I am supposed to use two different thicknesses of glass. 3/4 on the live room and 1/2 on the control room. I am looking to get a piece 2 foot by 4 foot.

    The problem seems to be the 3/4 piece. It's four times the price of the 1/2 inch piece!! I don't want to build a solid wall only to wreck it by not doing the glass right. However, I found a local small glass business who has two 1 inch thick pieces of bullet proof glass that he will let go for 50 bucks each. This would fit my pocket well, but I don't know how that will affect my wall, since they are the same thickness. However, at 1 inch thick each, these guys are SOLID.

    Does it matter in this instance? Does anyone have any advice for any other recommendations? Can I get by with any other size thickness? I found a place that can do 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch at a reasonable price. I am also wondering if doubling up panes to equal the needed thickness will work?


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    At that thickness it won't be a problem. the 1"thickness of the glass will afford you the equivalent sheetrock thickness of 3 inches per side if sealed well. at that point your WALL or door becomes the weakest link!
    I have 2 panes of 3/8ths and I have never noticed any issues even at that thickness except a little more bleed at the glass than the wall which has about an inch and a quarter of sheetrock per side.

    the double stack of glass can be a nightmare and not as good as a single piece even if it is thinner.
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    I have used two layers of 3/8" total thickness of 3/4", simply lay them on top of each other..I have also added another layer of glass on top of an existing layer to add mass..worked just fine...
    As you may know the space between the glass is more important as far as isolation...

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