Hello -

I was looking for a way to record to my iPhone directly from a USB microphone, specifically the Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball. I found the Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter which allows you to plug in a USB mic along with an external power cable (which is required in order to power the Yeti) and then it plugs into the iPhone using the lightning cable. I had no issues when recording audio using the built-in Voice Memos app on the iPhone, but when I record a video using the Camera app (or a 3rd party app like ProCam 6), I get a really bad crackling sound in the audio.

The odd thing is the first time I record the audio, it sounds great. But when I do it a second time - with or without the USB mic - the audio is completely shot....really bad cracking noise. I have to reboot the iPhone in order to correct the problem. Then it works the first time only, with subsequent attempts creating the problem again. I am using an iPhone Xs and I have tested this problem out on other iPhone X phones - all have the same problem. There does not seem to be an issue with the iPhone 8. I tried swapping out the adapter for another one to see if it was a faulty adapter, but am experiencing the same issue. It is also a problem with both USB mics I have. There must be an issue with the iPhone X hardware.

It is odd that there are no issues when only doing audio to the voice memo app, but when doing a video, the crackling audio returns.

Has anyone experienced this?