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Thread: recording two condenser mics.

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    recording two condenser mics.

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    is there away to use two condenser mics at once with the br 800? one for vocals and guitar at he same time.

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    Not if the two mics both require phantom power. This unit only has phantom power on input#4
    INPUT 1–4 jacks
    These are microphone/line input jacks/connectors. Two types are provided: mono phone jacks (TRS balanced input)
    and XLR connectors (balanced input).
    The XLR connector of INPUT 4 is able to provide 48V phantom power. The mono phone jacks accept both balanced and
    unbalanced connections.
    “Using a Condenser Microphone (PHANTOM POWER)” (p. 140)
    * You can’t use the mono phone jack and the XLR connector simultaneously for the same input. Do not connect plugs to both

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