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Thread: Multi-cam and PiP with Final Cut Pro X

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    Multi-cam and PiP with Final Cut Pro X

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    This is a real quick experiment (not counting a day of completely out-of-focus takes - learning about when *not* to use the f1.8 lens and relying on what I can see in a 3" LCD the hard way).

    I did something like this with iMovie a while back because I'd played with the feature there before so it was easier, but I knew it could be done in FCPX, of course. This is a bit tricky because I use the auto-sync multi-cam clip feature, but I have to do that with video and audio that didn't have the guitar break (not being able to time travel or clone myself), so the final audio was manually sync'd anyway.

    The "multi-cam" is really just the full + guitar cams, and then it's duplicated with the guitar clip selected in one, and that clip transformed to the picture-in-picture frame, so those two get the free alignment. When I added the guitar break clip, after syncing the audio that contained that part, I just had to stack it on top of the mcc, then transform it to the size of the existing frame, and fade in/out.

    Please excuse the clams and "stage presence" - I even forgot to put on my glasses .

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