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Thread: 'Breathe' ..appreciate any observations re mix. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airsculptor View Post
    Great - agree with what's been said - the main vocal could go up a dB or 2 - about half way through it seems to do that anyway - also backing vocals could go up a tad level or maybe eq +2/3 dB around 2khz. Re limiter it all sounds good to me - is it a de-esser you're thinking about.
    Great professional, unusual, original sound with some nice touches in the mix , nice coherent stereo stage de-esser, i’m afraid that will take away from the high end of the EQ which I do not want to do. I’ll give it a try though. My best bet might be to just hack peaks off of the wav. I’m new to reaper (this), Will try that when I figure out how. Thanks!

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    Super cool idea and overall mix sounds solid. Only critique might be the drums could sound a bit wetter. The bass is adequate, but I kept envisioning how much cooler a more aggressive, perhaps even slap bass part would sound.

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