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  • Adam Audio

    45 3.51%
  • Alesis

    80 6.24%
  • Dynaudio

    39 3.04%
  • Event

    107 8.35%
  • Genelec

    29 2.26%
  • JBL

    72 5.62%
  • M-audio

    184 14.35%
  • Mackie

    84 6.55%
  • Tannoy

    63 4.91%
  • Yamaha

    153 11.93%
  • KRK

    264 20.59%
  • Other

    322 25.12%
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Thread: What monitors do you use?

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    I prefer JBL

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavedog101 View Post
    This thread is so old I couldn't find my original post. So I've probably upgraded twice since then.

    The Genelec 1029's with the 1091 sub have moved into the living room and have become part of the home theater. So they do get used as reference for mixes.

    The Tannoy System 8's have moved to my son-in-laws studio along with the ancient Crown that powered them.

    I can't afford ATC SCM25's, but thats what I would get if I could.

    I track through a pair of Sundholm Engineering 6.5 passives with a customized Parasound 1000 amp and I mix through a pair of Neumann KH120's. I used to have a very old and high end BIC sub but I found it caused more work than needed in the mixing so it went away. It took me nearly a year to learn the KH120's but now they are what I want to hear.
    Since 2018 I have upgraded again. I now have a "new" (slightly used) set of Sundholm Acoustics 6.5's. You may ask what is the "upgrade here" ...The first pair were the very first set he built with the waveguide tweeter. Since these were the beta set, the waveguide was modeling clay. This new set was built for their previous owner who did classical music and they have every upgrade possible....super wire, gold plated everything, high fidelity short they are incredible. I loved the old ones but these are three steps above. Guess I won't need those STCs after all. Still loving the Neumanns
    Chord with this, Teddy......

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    The new SA25m's from SAS acoustic design firm

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