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Thread: Sweeping for “problematic frequencies”

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj113 View Post
    No, but it's the highest amongst others around it. If you cut the highest one and you don't hear an improvement, I think we would all assume at that point that the wrong frequency has been cut. In that case, try a different peak. Having said that, nine times out of ten the frequency I first go to is the right one. I mean, nobody is seriously going to be looking at 5kHz (for example) when they can hear some boxy, honky mid tones.
    Not an experienced person. But certainly someone who is new to the concept, which the OP clearly was- they weren't hearing problems first. Which was my whole point. If you dont know what you are looking or listening for you can sweep and cut and boost and stare at analyzer waveforms all day and end up with useless audio. Hear first. Always. Sorry if you disagree.
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    and if your room isn't treated,
    you are probably listening to the room nodes.
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