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Thread: mixing feedback required

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    mixing feedback required

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    Hi! My name is Juan, I'm from Argentina and i'd like to recieve some feedback about my first rock mix!

    I think I'm having some troble with guitars and drums...

    Thaaank you!!

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    Strictly speaking the mix sounds decent, sounds like you used good gear. I'd say you did a good job on the overall balance of the respective elements.

    You specifically asked about the mix - of course mixing is different than mastering. It needs tweaking.

    I played with it a little in SoundForge - first a graphic EQ to boost some of the highs, cut back below about 90hz, boosted 90 to 175 or so with a peak around 110hz, then applied some multiband compression at the guitar solo to tame the spikes in EQ, applied a mild amount of a function in SoundForge they call "Smooth/Enhance" that works some kind of black magic on the highs. The only volume level manipulation I did was back it off to compensate for what the EQ boosted, I didn't apply any overall compression to boost the loudness. This is one example of what can be done, season to taste.

    Rolando MIX fix.mp3

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    I just listened to this mix on my laptop speakers as I don't have access to my headphones right now....I think this mix sounds really good! I know it's hard to hear all the details on a laptop speaker but frankly speaking, I really didn't hear anything that requires any major tweaking or anything that needs to to be fixed...the only thing I notice was maybe the vocals were somewhat dry but then again, reverb on vocals is a matter of individual taste so I can't really comment on that either (maybe I'm used to hearing overly wet vocals, etc)...great job man! keep rocking!!

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    I'm with Brassplayer on this one. The instrumental balance is pretty good, but its lacking top end. BP's mix fix was better, but I think it would be good to go back to the original and make the adjustment there.
    I couldn't understand any of the vocals unfortunately but they seemed pretty good. Maybe just a small touch of reverb would help.

    Other than that, its a good song!

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