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Thread: master series on audio engineering and music production

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    master series on audio engineering and music production

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    I have a free resource/channel on youtube, that Ive created a Master series on music production, that also teaches audio engineering concepts, music production concepts, about microphones, midi, synthesizers, and many other subjects related to audio engineering and music production.

    The channel is free, and was made for individuals who cannot afford college (there is a video on whether you should go to college or not on the channel, and i suggest going through the channel before you decide to spend 50,000 or more on education to work in the audio industry), and those that do not have the time or resources to investigate or study on their own all the material needed to produce music and become an audio engineer.

    It was designed to help the community as a whole to become better educated about the “meat and potatoes” of music productions , and audio engineering, as it applies to the music industry

    My hope is that it will eventually create on its own a community of knowledgeable, and well informed artists, producers and engineers

    Please check it out, and please share wherever you can, to promote a better audio engineering community

    Thanks, and hope to see you there !

    Brent David Cartwright (Doc)
    Docs Lab Audio

    Master Series on audio engineering and music production;
    At-- Brent Cartwright on youtube
    on channel page
    Facebook; Docs Lab Audio

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    Really sorry - I dibbed in and out of 6 videos, and heard nothing but talking. lots of screenshots, in the scan through - so I expected examples, but you just talk, and not one of the six seemed to have any music. Lots of meat and potatoes (whatever that means) and lots of 'next level', but I haven't subscribed as the videos seem to be just you talking about things and not showing us how to actually do anything practical.

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    Clean your room. Pull up your pants so your underwear don't show. And don't suck.

    Saved everyone from wasting time with videos....
    PC Win7-64-24G i7-4790k/Cubase 10 Pro 64-bit/2-Steinberg UR824's/ADAM A7x/Event TR8/SS Trigger Plat Deluxe/Melodyne 4 Studio/Other things that don't mean anything if a client shows up not knowing what it wants.

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