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Thread: Pop punk / emo rap song

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    Arrow Pop punk / emo rap song

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    Hi y'all,

    I've made a thread about this mix a few months ago, here's the final song:

    Also available here:
    Bandcamp (free download): Whatever Happened [Single] | Eve Of Spring
    iTunes/Apple Music: Eve of Spring on Apple Music
    Spotify: Whatever Happened by Eve of Spring on Spotify

    Find us on Facebook:
    Eve Of Spring - Home | Facebook


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    This song is catchy. It's stuck in my head now

    When I listened to it, I had an immediate vision for what I was hoping to hear. So .... Here's how I envisioned it sounding (more or less). I find it easier to show than to tell ... hope that's ok.

    Just another perspective on your band's sound ... hopefully a helpful one.

    Eve of Spring - whatever happened adjusted.mp3
    Click.Listen.Enjoy: My Music, and other stuff

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