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Thread: Using old mic pre with current gen computer

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    Using old mic pre with current gen computer

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    Iím about to start building a new recording rig with a focusrite 4i4 as my interface. I have an old focusrite octe pre that I used to hook up to my Mac via light pipe while using the digi002 as my controller. Can I still use my old focusrite in addition to the 4i4 and connect via light pipe on a current gen computer?

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    The Focusrite 4i4 lacks any digital inputs, so it would not be usable with the OctoPre (if I interpreted your post correctly).

    Here's a filtered view of USB interfaces with digital inputs at Sweetwater. There are probably other manufacturers not carried by them that don't show up here, and there are, of course, discontinued models on the used market that would work, too.

    USB Audio Interfaces | Sweetwater
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    If you don't already have the Focusrite 4i4 then, as Keith Says, look for an alternative with an ADAT input. The Audient iD14 would be my suggestion on a budget although you could also look at the RME Digiface USB if you think you will want to expand your setup in the future. RME have a well deserved reputation for long term support and driver quality.
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