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Thread: Upgrade time

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    Upgrade time

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    Hello folks, I'm thinking of upgrading my music laptop. I don't really need a laptop but I don't have room for a second desktop tower, I currently put my laptop through a large external monitor and use the desktop keyboard and mouse. I've come across these NUC computers and wonder what your thoughts are.

    Any advice/opinions gratefully received, thanks.

    I would likely purchase from HERE something like THIS spec but with 512gb SSD and 32gb ram.

    I just want to be able to swap it with my laptop, for the record, my laptop only has 3 usb ports and an hdmi out.

    It needs to come in at around 850 before tax.

    Thanks in advance of your help, I keep wondering if I'm missing something that is staring me in the face as to why I can't just swap it over, obviously there will be the set up but I'm hoping there is some quick way of cloning the hard drive from one to the other, somehow, maybe

    Or would a laptop give better value as these are fairly new things.



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    Macrium is one of several programs that can clone your system.
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    Ahh thanks, that rings a bell, I seem to recall Macrium Reflect, cheers. Any ideas on a computer?

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