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Thread: How to use wav samples in a DAW?

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    How to use wav samples in a DAW?

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    I use Calewalk and Samplitude Pro X3. There are some songs i want to record using tne Alesis SR16 samples without hooking it up physically. How would i trigger these drum hits? Pasting each sound on the timeline grid seems wuite imoractical to me. How would i truggervthe sounds via my midi keyboard controller? Would i need a software samoler? I never used one before. Anyone?

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    The most obvious way to do it is to create a soundfont using a soundfont editor such as Viena or Polyphone. You can assign a particular wav to a particular key.

    Within the DAW you insert a VST soundfont player (such as sforzando, SFZ or DSK SFZ2) on a track configured to record MIDI.

    You can then use your keyboard to trigger the sounds.

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