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    I was mid pack, although I admit that I screwed up the Killers because I though the track hadn't changed. Didn't get the hang of the test until the third flip. Plus, I found the Killers track to just be a massive wall of sound that gives little to distinguish. Like Rob, it seemed like the Dixie Chicks had more "clues" to use for distinguishing the two. For me it was in ambience and soundstage, neither of which I found in the Killers. This was also the case when I did a similar test years ago. Some tracks were more affected by the compression.

    I wonder if its significant that I improved continually?

    You got 52% correct
    There is a 100% likelihood of getting this or a more extreme score by chance
    Track Correct p-value
    The Killers 20% (p >= 0.020)
    James Blake 40% (p >= 0.020)
    Daft Punk 60% (p >= 0.020)
    The Eagles 60% (p >= 0.020)
    Dixie Chicks 80% (p >= 0.020)

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    Along with the quality of hearing, the gear being listened on and the environment, there is what they are used to hearing, I worked at an FM station and I could switch the studio monitor to the source (going to the xmtter) and what was broadcast. What people got was compressed to the point that one would need some high-end gear to try to restore it to the real sound. If people spend all their time listening to radio, they probably would not recognize half the music played from the source.

    The same may happen to those hearing it streamed, as MP3s, on poor earbuds, etc.

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