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If I give reaper a go on this PC and it was slow, would I be able to add it to an upgraded PC without having to purchase another license?

The nice thing about Reaper is you don't have to pay the license fee to test it out for 60 days. Give it a good test run, and if it meets expectation, then you can purchase. The program is fully functional even in unlicensed mode. Its just a little nag screen at the startup as a "reminder".

One thing I might mention is that you get upgrades for two full versions. They are currently on 5.983, so if you purchase now, you get all 5xxx and 6xxx versions. At this point v6.0 is in alpha testing. Version 5.0 came out in August of 2015, and v4.0 came out in 2011. You might want to take the full 2 months to see if v6 comes out. The reason I mention this is that I bought my license in late 2014, so it was late in the version 4 series. (missed it by "that much".)