Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if you all might be able to help me solve a problem. I'll start with the equipment I have:

Alesis Crimson Electronic Drum Kit
Line 6 UX2/POD Farm
Samsung Laptop factory reset to Windows 10 and only have Acid Pro and POD Farm installed (laptop has Intel i5 processor)
Sony Acid Pro 7 (I also have Reaper)
ASIO UX2 driver and ASIO4All driver

The drum kit and UX2 are connected via USB cable directly to the laptop.

Here's the situation. I'm currently unable to record a MIDI file of my drum tracks, though I can record a WAV file of them without a problem. I ensure that the drum kit is turned on before opening Acid Pro 7. Then I'll add both an Audio Track and a MIDI track and arm both for recording. When I hit record, a variety of things can happen: sometimes the MIDI file will record the different trigger hits correctly, but then stop recording midway through as the recording keeps going. Other times it will record triggers that aren't in the right position. Other times it will start a MIDI file but not record any triggers. And other times the MIDI recording will briefly start, and then stop recording as the WAV file keeps going.

I've tried the different drivers, but nothing seems to work.

If you all have any ideas on how I can better my process, please let me know. Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks in advance.