I'm not a techy. So, if this is something stupid and simple, EXCUSE ME. But, I just found out about an hour ago, and I'm beyond ecstatic.

Back in the 90s I wanted a midi guitar. I can play guitar better then picking notes on a keyboard. But, the technology has never really been there.

Technology has made midi guitar obsolete. There's a easier way then what I'm about to describe. (literally you create two tracks ono you DAW, and the guitar sends a signal to the second which records as midi. You have your synth attached and as you play you'll hear the synth and not the guitar.)But, I haven't found out how to do it in Pro Tools 6, which is older. So, that might not be possible.

But, if you want a sound from your midi module on your song, play it on the guitar, record it onto a track. Take that track and put it in melodyne, polyphonic the track. Then Export it as a midi file. Upload the midi file into your DAW, let your synth play the midi track

Yes, it's easy, and I just found out an hour ago.

For a test. I took one of my awful vocals and made a midi file out of it, and I made it into strings. It worked. I'm just soooo happy!