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Thread: SM7b with RME Babyface Pro

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    SM7b with RME Babyface Pro

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    I have a RME Babyface Pro and I'm thinking about getting a Shure SM7b. I don't have a preamp atm. Do you think it's worth to buy it without a pre? Babyface Pro has decent clean pres and 76 db gain. Anyone used a sm7 with this interface only?

    Thank you.

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    Confused? The preamp in the Babyface will cope for medium to loud sound sources, if the sound source is quiet and too far away, then that's really the mics fault. the reviews for the Babyface seem to find no fault with their preamp design in the reviews I've read. My personal view is that dedicated boutique preamps are possibly worth a punt if you want to micro improve your sound quality and you have an input device that can handle the output of the dedicated preamp. The Babyface is quite an expensive preamp/interface, so before I would consider an extra preamp, I'd always suggest hearing the results and then if you really think it's compromised, move up - but I have never had a need to do that myself. I do tend to consider them a bit of an audiophile product for most uses.

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