I just recieved my Fender,Blues Deluxe, Reissue Amp! It's Tweed! This is the first amp I've bought in a very long time and I'm used to recording with my little Fender,(Squire), practice amp. I run the headphone out jack to a channel input on my Mackie. Up till now it has served as my instrument preamp,( or D.I.) to the board. Now, here is my question. Can I plug in to the new amps preamp out jack to the Mackie mixer channel inputs? (The manual says this is the effects loop). This is probably a basic recording 101 question but I want to be sure that if, I do it It won't fry the amp or the board. Advice welcome
Please don't tell me to buy a direct box! I'm virtually broke due to the amp purchase, my retirement income and the screwed up economy! Thanks