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Thread: Dean Rhapsody 5-string bass

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    Dean Rhapsody 5-string bass

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    Help! I have a 5-string Dean Rhapsody bass guitar with EMG HZ pickups. My experience at home is... I love the sound this bass makes! HOWEVER... I play in a worship band and there I have a major problem. We're located approximately 600 feet from the base of a 300' radio broadcast antenna. Depending on atmospheric conditions, phase of the moon and the alignment of the planets, I get so much over-modulation from the radio antenna, I get KLOVE coming out of my bass. I've been able to isolate the source to my guitar; it's not the power system, nor the amp, effects pedals, cables, etc. as I've tried a Music Man bass on the same rig, and have no issues with sound at all.

    I've been reading about EMG HZ pickups and I understand the pickups are passive, fed through an active pre-amp just before the cable jack. I was told by a local sound tech who had similar experiences under a different radio antenna, the only solution I would find is with Humbucker pickups. However, reading what I've read tonight, I'm wondering if Humbuckers will solve the problem, or if I need some heavy-duty shielding around the pre-amp in the bass, or maybe a combination of the two.

    I'm a software engineer by trade. Electronics are definitely outside of my areas of expertise; I can barely spell it. I need some advice; current planetary alignment has things so bad, I seem to have little more than a wearable 5-antenna FM radio at the moment. Thanks in advance!


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    There is a chap on this board who is an old school electronics gy who just knows his stuff. Ecc83 (Dave) probably can help.

    I am wondering if the cable between bass and amp might be the problem. But if Dave picks this up, maybe he can shed some light on the topic.
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