Posted this in the newbie section as I've just signed up.....

Hello. Nice to meet you all. Wasn't sure of where to post this, so I thought this'd be the best place to start.

Basically, I've got a MBOX Mini 2 which used to work fine with the Pro Tools LE on a windows system some time ago. The problem is I've got a macbook pro, and the pro tools version is too old the install on this. I've managed to get the driver to connect to the laptop (once) and can talk into the mic or play the guitar and hear it through the headphones at all times no matter what program is open; the problem is I can't get it to recognise/connect with garageband so I can record.

I was wondering if anybody had a remedy for this, as I can't really afford to splash cash on something I already have that I know works but just won't connect to garageband.

I'm sure that this is probably something I'm just too stupid to see, but any advice/feedback/fixes is greatly appreciated.