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  1. he still loves me
  2. Looking for sax....or horns for an indie film
  3. Weird song writing experience
  4. Café Innocenté ~ GZ's lyrics with GZ's music (March Challenge)
  5. Anyone here obsessed with writing Beatles-quality songs?
  6. Some new lyrics: Flowers in the Sun, Forever
  7. I'm First!
  8. Why was this song a hit?
  9. What stage do you start writing lyrics?
  10. Bands/singer songwriters in the Birmingham/West Midlands area???
  11. New lyrics "BLUE EYED COOL"...music still to come
  12. I always have the same tune in my head when i write
  13. working on a new song, let me know what you think so far!
  14. Old song I wrote, Thought I'd see what you thought
  15. i don't go to meetings
  16. i'd rather
  17. How do the drums influence the arrangement of a song ?
  18. Lying awake (original lyrics)
  19. Have you ever had an original song come to you in a dream ?
  20. One of my songs: criticism is welcome!
  21. Just uploaded some songs (If you have time to waste, please help me with input)
  22. new lyrics
  23. Just finished writing some lyrics for my song
  24. Tears and Mascara - do your worst...
  25. Anybody heard of taxi.com? Is it for real?
  26. Copyright your songs (requirements)
  27. Could You Imagine?
  28. Just started writing some lyrics( Am I on the right track?)
  29. My songs are way too short.
  30. Payback - song I'm workin on
  31. Under the Blood Red Sky
  32. New lyrics I'm working on - kinda stuck
  33. But wait, there's more... (I'm Not Afraid Of) The Dark
  34. Musical Evolution Through The Years
  35. Song Structuring..
  36. Looking for a compliation with a guitarist...
  37. Message for WhiteStrat
  38. new tracks... opinion(s) welcome...
  39. Eurovision Song Contest
  40. Live Looping, Guitar & Drums (indie rock) - [vid]
  41. Some lyrics I've come up with. Critique?
  42. Algorithmic Composition
  43. Is there life after death (critique)
  44. Best way to arrange music for studio?
  45. Drone Thing
  46. Has this melody been done before?
  47. Just wondering... which comes first the music or the lyrics?
  48. Critique on my new song?
  49. songwriting collaborations
  50. So, I'm writing again...
  51. Structuring techno and dance?
  52. new lyrics
  53. My new song.
  54. Need help finishing an electronic song (Vocals/Melody)
  55. "Unemployed American" New song critique!
  56. a new song, very bare bones
  57. need help finishing a song.
  58. All my songs are about seasons
  59. New Songwriting Contest
  60. Short one: The Beginning
  61. Look for original authors of songs...
  62. Strange dreamwriting experience
  63. The Promise of Your Love
  64. Can you play boogie woogie?! Want to add?!
  65. 1.2 million dollars
  66. My new song "EXPERIENCE"
  67. Concept Album.
  68. Does anyone know of any quick & easy Notation & Transcription Software
  69. do lyrics REALLY matter?
  70. anyone into to help out with some lyrics?
  71. Internet Band?
  72. Do people like aggresive, emotional songs as opposed to manufactured pop these days?
  73. Everything U Need to Know about ....
  74. (Bible) Country Death Song
  75. Writing chord progressions
  76. You don't know when - lyrics for comment
  77. Lyrics jottings that need a critique to progress.
  78. Holy Cow I've Been Overthinking This Crap
  79. On demand writing
  80. Feedback on song structure and lyrics from pros
  81. Jack backwards
  82. Mind's Embrace - New original for comment
  83. Lyrics are here if you'd like to check em out for me
  84. Small Town Eyes - thoughts pls
  85. Start With Great Song Titles: Some Advice
  86. Hooks/Chorus: The Key To Your Songwriting Success
  87. Rhyming lyrics
  88. (Asking Book) A cappella Theory handbook (Choral or Jazz)
  89. An idea for coming up with song ideas if you compose on your own
  90. Post Secret - any thoughts appreciated
  91. One of Mike's - New Emotion
  92. feedback on this "one minute test" ???
  93. Where The Arrows Point - Lyrics
  94. How do you get published for radio play?
  95. Writing lyrics to an existing song bed
  96. Theme Tune!!
  97. I'm heartbroken... *sob* *sniff*
  98. Song Writing Contest
  99. Only one verse left, FOR YOU!!
  100. Need some help finishing these lyrics
  101. Song lyrics, opinions needed!
  102. Q: Copyrighting Collection Of Songs?
  103. Music Theory for Songwriting
  104. What key?
  105. Two sets of lyrics to review. Feedback greatly appreciated
  106. 90 seconds of acoustic guitar... *opinions?*
  107. In Your Arms
  108. what is your approach to building/composing a track?
  109. Looking for Seasoned Co-Writers
  110. What do you think of my Lyrics
  111. My Life
  112. My new track... (ICY? here you go...)
  113. Hi All.... would love some feedback
  114. One of the best things to do to get unstuck...
  115. Chariot (here's some lyrics to review)
  116. Should I pull together a band?
  117. Your Winter Eyes (demo)
  118. Lovers Left Behind
  119. Check this out
  120. Waltz for a Hollywood Backlot
  121. Empty
  122. Music video
  123. E-Session Pianist Wanted
  124. Never Felt So...
  125. lyrics review please!
  126. Until
  127. Cool video for intro to string arrangement
  128. Another Day (In Paradise)
  129. Is this the end of the road?
  130. Please could someone help me out with a bassline?
  131. Guitar Pro does anyone here use it to write with?
  132. Upon The Sea
  133. First post and song lyrics!
  134. Acoustic Rocker vision
  135. Frustration about writing
  136. Whats wrong with me?
  137. What Do You Call The Parts Of A Song?
  138. New Song - Feeback Appreciated!!
  139. The "first line" thread...
  140. Do you remember your first songs ?
  141. Is songwriting overrated ?
  142. Help - best song ideas while driving!?!
  143. Total wall
  144. 'Hey Girl' Lyrics. Critics needed.
  145. Lyrics Needed for Song for Class Project
  146. My first Electro Pop Song!
  147. How To Get The Tempo Right?
  148. I Need To Finissh This Line
  149. Is Song Reading Underrated?
  150. Composing Drums
  151. I Wish You Were Mine
  152. Looking for an audio sample, who knows where to find it ?
  153. Need suggestions
  154. Rate my lyrics please.
  155. Been away more than while - opinions please
  156. Strike Back - either Haemophilliac Heroes or The Keeper?
  157. Anybody want their sheet music turned to ''music''
  158. Hold on----- DEMO SONG
  159. which version is better?
  160. Creating song ideas from guitar riffs played to drum loops
  161. Love above the high water line - lyrics
  162. new track, fancy a listen?
  163. Musing on the Melody
  164. What is this chord?!?!?!?
  165. Writing lyrics, then noticing they suck...
  166. Need lyricist for my beats
  167. First time poster - lyrics review
  168. Anyone interested in writing and composing for musical theater?
  169. Chorus first...
  170. Music For Songwriters downloads
  171. POLL: Which Of These Two Lyrics Do You Prefer?
  172. Difference between House and Trance??
  173. Wonderful Day (lyrics review)
  174. Lyrics for Critique/feedback
  175. Loops & Samples
  176. Writer's block!
  177. Looking for a partner
  178. When I Got Home (Country)
  179. Idea... (critics wanted, lol)
  180. Attention!!
  181. First Piece
  182. StevieB? Its time... lol
  183. kompoz
  184. Here very good Composition
  185. Didja Ever....
  186. Two new song demos
  187. ever discovered someone else wrote your song too?
  188. The Unknown Feeling - Lyrics Review
  189. Just a verse Review. Please check it out.
  190. Writing songs in dreams?
  191. Desperate For You (pre-demo midi)
  192. I need a Soundcard help1
  193. Alcohol and Songwriting
  194. Rhyming Dictionaries??
  195. Production Credit
  196. Hip-Hop verses: New to the site
  197. VERY VERY Stuck
  198. Favorite Songwriters and Songs
  199. To Tug Hearts, Music First Must Tickle the Neurons
  200. Constructive (or destructive ;-p criticism of my new song!
  201. Just wanna get some throughts on these lyrics....
  202. HR Song Writing Contest
  203. songwritting fail - the silliest problem with songwritting
  204. HR Songwriting Contest #2 - Vote Now!
  205. Question about Modes
  206. i know my mixes are bad but...
  207. Help with writing a concept album
  208. Anyone want to give feedback on my new song?
  209. New song! Do u like the blues?
  210. HR Songwriting Contest #3 - Enter your song here
  211. Wanted to share this on Mother's Day
  212. Winner of HR Songwriting Contest #2 - rayc !
  213. HR Songwriting Contest #3 - Vote Now!
  214. Want beats?
  215. Winners of HR Songwriting Contest #3
  216. Cthulian Dreams, criticism (preferably constructive) much appreciated!
  217. hey hey, check out ma band
  218. Calculators to sync with BPM (Delay, time stretch, pitch shift, LFO, etc)
  219. song composing questions
  220. Anyone here write classical works?
  221. new song lyrics - feedback welcome
  222. Master Writer 2
  223. Can you write as you go?
  224. Wish My Friend Wasn't Such A Slacker
  225. Can I Name My Album After An Existing Song?
  226. How do you think about this genre?
  227. Jazz
  228. Glad You Found Me
  229. How's the structure and lyrics hit you on this pop-rock track...
  230. writing a jingle for a local firm.
  231. Edited: Glad You Found Me
  232. A first original for ctitique
  233. A slight re-write of some previous lyrics...
  234. Is Steve Earle a Member of HomeRecording.com?
  235. My First Original Post
  236. Music Publishing questions.
  237. secrets of the pop song.. on the BBC!!!!
  238. Rap Verse
  239. Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd
  240. Always been about the money - The Tumbling Dice
  241. Hello
  242. The Purely Visual Struggles of a Partially Reconstructed Male. A beginning.
  243. Just thought I'd publish this here ;D
  244. I'm working on a new song..
  245. public domain
  246. Lyrik Dynasty
  247. Question for composers
  248. How do you like these raps I wrote?
  249. A hello and a song....
  250. Feedback Requested on my Songs A Gentle Wind and Kathie D