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  1. Problems with vocal range
  2. tips for planning a songwriting "sabbatical"
  3. New Tune
  4. How to distribute your on CD's
  5. The Riot Of 1982
  6. Here's one from the newbie..what do you think?
  7. just felt like sharing a couple, to see what y'all think.
  8. Help me! i copy subconciously!
  9. bandstand or not??
  10. i'm looking for for some rock vocals
  11. Novel Concept will it work ..... ???
  12. What's your favorite "bridge" in a song?
  13. Song Titles and copyright?
  14. Worst Singer EVER
  15. Bob Dylan PBS Scorsese documentary
  16. Tips on writing guitar parts to a song?
  17. Help! Need some idea's for this one
  18. Any tips for improvizing melodies
  19. Well it's about song writing isn't it? Here's another one?
  20. Feedback Wanted, Pleeeaaase!
  21. Instrumentals
  22. yes no maybe
  23. Please check this out. You won't be disappointed.
  24. International Songwriting Competition
  25. Ghost Writing question????
  26. A recording of my riot song, tell me what you think.
  27. Band songwriting, who writes your songs. . .
  28. I could use some feedback/criticism...
  29. One at a time or all out
  30. new song - "The Pelican" - listen please. thank you
  31. Help! I Think I'm A Rip Off!
  32. Please Give My Songs a Listen
  33. Does one need a certification in music in order to get his/her work published?
  34. Shit, Shower And Shave (A Real Man's Song)
  35. transatlantic collaboration. Please give it a listen
  36. too sappy?
  37. i cant write lyrics, need help
  38. Who wants a mustache ride?!
  39. how do you rehearse your songs before recordings or a live show?
  40. Song topics
  41. Searching for the name of a particular classic piece.....!
  42. ASCAP vs BMI
  43. Oi, Music or Lyrics First??
  44. Song Publishing Question
  45. Check out this song please...
  46. melody issue
  47. Song called Is it real. need critique on lyrics and arrangement
  48. New Song
  49. Stifled creativity. Inspiration. I feel like dying.
  50. New Song, Rough Draft of it
  51. Dork trying to write serious lyrics
  52. this is cool
  53. Milmea Cass, I've got my wheels on you.
  54. Trying to write a decent song (lyrically)...
  55. Help Please
  56. Where Can I find Songwriting Opportunities?
  57. Is free songwriting contest a normal thing?
  58. WhenDay? ;o new lyrics
  59. do you like these lyrics who do they sound most like?
  60. you like these lyrics who are they most like?
  61. OMG my voice is so weird
  62. I don't know if this is the right placet post this
  63. metallica question
  64. First Post
  65. another tune being worked on
  66. Some free lines
  67. What do you think about these lyrics
  68. need help writing
  69. My 1st song
  70. Too many Genres
  71. 1st And Second Books
  72. Critic needed
  73. Can't focus on songwriting
  74. Slaves Of The Truth Are Free
  75. Dig this
  76. I posted this in the hip hop forum but...
  77. Dirty Rock
  78. Collaboration N E 1 ?
  79. new song, let me know what you think
  80. The singer of my band writes terrible lyrics (with examples)
  81. New Demo after a long time away...
  82. Shades Of Grey
  83. Seeking Songwriter...
  84. Collaboration...
  85. Musical Notation Question
  86. classcial chords and scales?
  87. Which copyright should I use?
  88. Wanted: Piano Player for Co-op
  89. Where is Bucks?
  90. New song- I fall down
  91. New song- Scream
  92. For my Father
  93. All right...I moved it...
  94. Hopeing for feedback
  95. Writing vs. Co-writing
  96. want to sell my songs
  97. What becomes of it all?
  98. Recommend me a book to broaden my mind
  99. Jason Falkner
  100. Same old song!
  101. Black Sabbath Timing Question
  102. Black Sabbath Timing Question
  103. Why should anyone listen to your songs?
  104. Anygood? Tell me! Some lyrical ideas.
  105. Chords Over Bassline?
  106. Give Critisizm
  107. (VERY Explicit)
  108. Podcast Theme Song
  109. DjIce - My Life
  110. How do you reach your vocal peak?
  111. on a scale of one to two, let me know what you think
  112. iTunes
  113. harmonyy vocals
  114. Your lyric writing proooceeess
  115. Writting exorcizes...
  116. Which Version is Better?
  117. Anyone wanna try to write some cheezy lyrics?
  118. Wrote this the other day..
  119. how do u write ur lyrics
  120. DOOM or DIRTY
  121. Crazy Frog.......his lyrics are deep
  122. Harmonies
  123. Who knew 'Jingle Bells' lyrics were so bad!
  124. Lyrics needed
  125. how to write
  126. WARNING! Politically Motivated Material!
  127. Lyrics + Guitar
  128. *** INTIMATE ICE-COOL ELECTRONICA at www.irenamusic.com ***
  129. mad
  130. Critc pls
  131. Am I the ONLY one?????
  132. singing
  133. A Thread for Sharing Lyrics
  134. Have a listen - I mean a read :)
  135. I Cannot Write Song Lyrics
  136. any thoughts on this one?
  137. whoho french songs
  138. Anyone Need Songs?
  139. opinions....
  140. Got some cool songs
  141. wires
  142. New song. Opinions welcome!
  143. song writing practice for everyone!
  144. Vocal tuning software?!
  145. Anyone into Heavy Metal...? Have a listen!!!
  146. Talk to me about counterpoint
  147. writing drums
  148. melody writing tips
  149. ghostwritting
  150. anyone else feel this way
  151. Specific Chord Book or Online Reference
  152. Ben Folds
  153. Gotta Get With You
  154. get your songs onto a surf dvd-global exposure
  155. OK-Give it a look before I record next week
  156. Here's a new one, what do you think, no title yet
  157. Recording Studio For Songwriters
  158. unknown???
  159. chord advice....
  160. come and rate my verse
  161. Tom Waits
  162. back to roots: Leadbelly - take this hammer.....copyright???
  163. dirty vocals
  164. WARNING: Im a little more suttle this time (w/ my political referances) =]
  165. Best lyrics
  166. Who is your muse?
  167. *** INTIMATE ICE-COOL ELECTRONICA *** at www.irenamusic.com
  168. NewVerse come rate
  169. ATTN: Anyone who wants to sing!!!
  170. Songwriting
  171. "Crazy" is done (I hope!)
  172. Suggestions for this song?
  173. simple
  175. I need help writing a song with keyboard.
  176. ****New Song About Spammy Bitches!!****
  177. Help a brutha out.
  178. Where do your songs first take form?
  179. new song - just want some thoughts
  180. writing a song to sing with piano
  181. Should have just started a new thread....
  182. Feedback on an acoustic song....
  183. songs with the happiest, poppiest, catchiest melodies
  184. the pixies ...
  185. need a blues singer
  186. the studio as a songwriting tool?
  187. Constructive Criticism Needed...
  188. am i wasting my time???
  189. The Story of Tom and Mary
  190. i cant write songs in the same genre
  191. On The Spot Writing
  192. why do i sing covers better than originals??
  193. Basic Song Writing
  194. one little copyright question
  195. Lyric Notation
  196. How Much For a 30sec Commercial???
  197. This book is worth a read.
  198. secret songs!!!
  199. Criticism for song
  200. new song guys...
  201. Attitude
  202. so you want to write a concept albumn???
  203. Constructive criticism wanted for some of my songs
  204. A song about my Job.
  205. Creating drum tracks?
  206. The gayest song...
  207. style option anxiety
  208. World-wide song challenge
  209. "Help" ..... is the song's name
  210. need songwriting advice - Heavy Metal/Metal Core
  211. Any thoughts?
  212. First song
  213. Help me continue this song...
  214. Teach the dwarf to sing. (in 3rd person)
  215. Something less chauvinistic
  216. New to site-opinions please
  217. Please tell us what you think of our music
  218. Quiet Time
  219. Giving up on MySpace
  220. live in studio taster
  221. Help me make this more Epic!
  222. thoughts on this French translation?
  223. Comments on lyrics wanted
  224. question about singing
  225. Is it just the fact that it's 2 in the morning, or is this as profound as I think?
  226. Please Come Back is new
  227. First finished song please critique
  228. best sounding acoustic guitar
  229. New to site - Please critique lyrics
  230. Man I meant to go to bed when I got home... Well take a look at this.
  231. Lyrics - Mute - comments destruction etc
  232. Macbook? Ultimate starting kit ?!
  233. =-->Flying Fury<--= power/ progressive/ shred metal original
  234. Any french speaking ladies?
  235. Promise I won't get cranky this time ;)
  236. wrong forum
  237. A flaw in our songwriting process...
  238. recording a singer/songwriter/guitarist
  239. New lyrics: a story about an old man
  240. All In The Gutter
  241. Listen To A 16 Year Olds Song And Tell Him What U Think...
  242. Could someone review my songs please?
  243. A Song Looking for Critiques
  244. New Songs
  245. Rate my remix of Oh Girl by Paul Wall.
  246. Looking for specific feature in a piano scale computer application
  247. getting stuck in certain lyrical subjects
  248. I Wrote you this song. (mp3 too)
  249. rap contest
  250. Desparatley trying to find a song!