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(no, it's not a vine that grows in the South...it's Greek for "praise" :-)
-- Dragon

Here are some of the Web awards we've won:

Please Vote for Us! We're a Computer Currents Link of the Week! We're a Kim Komando Kool Site!

I've been looking for a lot of information on home recording and have been getting frustrated....that is until I hit your site! I said out loud, "Man, I just hit the mother lode!"

Your web site is one of the best sites that I have ever seen on any topic. Cram-stacked full of great, easy to understand, hard to find material. Basically the "everything you need to know in 10 pages" of home recording. Easy to navigate and loads fast. A pleasure to browse.

Thank you for the great info.

Larry Brown

Hey, David (Dragon). You've got an awesome web site! I have it marked it for quick return.

Appreciate your speaking in plain language. You don't hold back your opinions either. I may never look at another DAT again...

CD-R's certainly sound better now than when I was looking a couple of years ago. Will probably go that route. If you happen to like contemporary jazz, check out my wav files at http//pages.prodigy.com/jazzbypaula/homepage.htm

Have been planning to update my site...maybe to something more enticing for other musicians to gather to exchange music. Your web site has given me more inspiration. I liked that you included the date of the last update felt like I was getting the latest info. You sound quite knowledgeable. Thanks again for sharing.



I just bought some equipment for home recording. Wanted to tell you what a great site and service you are providing to people like myself. Keep up the Great work.

PS I'm sure I'll be asking you a million questions. It's nice to know someone who cares about giving good advice without being critical or above it all. WHAT A GREAT SITE
David Bailey

(this exchange is from the BBS)

DirtyByrd: One of my friends today told me about a free subscription magazine dealing with nothing but recording, does anyone know what the name of this magazine is or what the URL is to the webpage?

Jon X: I don't know about free, but check out www.recordingmag.com. I have a few issues and they have been useful. If you find one that is truly free please post the info.

By the way, a few days on this website and BBS have given me much more info on home recording than 4 issues of that magazine. The magazine's good, but this site is just that much better. Thanks Dragon.

I've found inner peace and wisdom !!!!!

Why oh why did I not find this site sooner........to cut to the chase......and to be serious for a moment.......VERY WELL DONE.

I thank you for your no-nonsense approach, and the lack of techno babble and bullsh*t.

I've been messing around on the comp for a year now (Cakewalk Pro 7) and your site is a much needed breath of fresh air.

Thank you once again.

Thanks for replying to my post on the BBS. Haven't heard from anyone yet, but hopefully it's in the making. Just wanted to congratulate you on building a fantastic site. For someone new to recording (me), it's excellent.

Sagar Jethani

I've read through quite a bit of the material on your website and I think I have probably learned more in the past 2 hours then the whole time I've spent in my sound recording class.

RainMusic Featured sites for the week of 06/28/99:

Dedicated to do-it-yourselfers who dream of recording in their own studio, HomeRecording.com offers advice for those interested in the art. HR.com features a vast amount of content, with articles on everything from recording & mixing to FAQ's on how to get started. In addition, the site contains helpful equipment reviews, an active Home Recording forum, a detailed glossary and numerous tutorials. This fantastic resource should not be missed.

I really appreciate your effort for homerecording.com site. It is the most helpful and informative site I've ever been to. Thanks.
-- Shahed

I was just about ready to purchase an audio CD recorder.

Thanks to your website I purchased an Acer CD writer with Adaptec software that installed incredibly easy in my cheap E-Tower computer.

Within an hour I was recording my first CD's with no-compromise audio quality (a problem you pointed out with commercially available CD recorders).
-- Jerry Steele

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