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Thread: ZOOM R16 on ZOOM meetings

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    ZOOM R16 on ZOOM meetings

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    Hi everyone! new to the forum here

    I've been trying to use my onboard microphones, channels 7/8 on the R16 (connected as an audio interface) as the audio input for my Zoom meetings. But I've not been successful. Any one is currently doing this and able to help?

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    I don't use Zoom, but I found this information on setting up an interface for use with Zoom.

    Important: As Zoom does not support multi-channel ASIO driver types, it will only be able to receive audio from the first two inputs of an audio device, so you will need to ensure that you connect your microphone/instrument to Input 1 or 2.

    If that's true, you'll probably need to use an external mic into the first inputs.

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    Go into the ZOOM audio setup and select the microphone you want.

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