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Thread: Zoom MRS-802 Track Parameter Button

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    Zoom MRS-802 Track Parameter Button

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    All of a sudden, my Track Parameter button isn't scrolling down through the menu when I hit the down arrow on the wheel. It is "stuck" on EQ HI G. The only thing I've done differently, for the first time, was burn a CD yesterday and Finalize it. After that, the Track Parameter button stopped working. Any ideas? The manual doesn't offer any troubleshooting tips. If I can't get this to work, I'll have to toss this unit and buy new. :-(

    ETA: I just tried playing a song, stopped the song after a line or two, hit Track Parameter, and it scrolled down ONE menu item, then stopped there. I continued playing the same song, hit Track Parameter again, and it scrolled down to the next menu item, but froze there again. I repeated this several times until I had come to the last item on the Track Parameter menu. After that, I hit Track Parameter again, and now it seems to be working properly, scrolling down each item on the menu. Anyone know WHY this happened in the first place and what I can do to avoid it again? Thanks!
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