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Thread: Zoom H6 as interface?

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    Zoom H6 as interface?

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    has anyone used one of these as their interface for to record? I am looking for something to do interview and music, looks like I can do both portable with this unit. but my concern is how good the interface quality is.


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    I used mine that was as a proof of concept but since I have a good interface to compare it too I found the things that made it a very good field recorder made it kind of ďfiddlyĒ in a home studio. Small size, reasonably light weight, small knobs and useful controls like 48v down in a menu meant it was just not going to get used for that purpose.

    Now if youíve got an H6 and canít possibly swing an interface and you wonít be pulling it away to do the things itís really designed for all the time, sure, itís going to work. To my ears and others, the mic pres are fine, and itís a very reliable piece of gear.

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