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Thread: Zoom h4n into Audition problems

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    Zoom h4n into Audition problems

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    I recently attempted to record a friends live acoustic set using my h4n in interface mode to and recording in audition on a laptop. If it isn't too obvious already, I am no professional, just wanted to record this for my friend and, well, it didn't go well.

    I connected two xlr's to the h4n off his mixer. Set to record in multitrack in Audition. Made sure the levels were't peaking etc. Then just hit record and sat back and enjoyed the show. Once the set was over and I got home to listen to my recording, the playback is slower than his live performance and it is making a continuous clicking type of sound. I've tried converting sample rates and that didn't change the sound. I tried speeding it up a little and it just sounds weird. Please, any insights at all are welcomed. I know I am probably not using the best gear, but again it's just what I had to work with and thought it might work fine.

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    It sounds like a clocking error/mismatch. When an interface is set to a sample rate but the software records it as if it's at a different sample rate the playback can be too slow or too fast. That same clocking error could have led to dropouts in the signal.

    I have used an editor (Sound Forge) to change the sample rate flag of the file without resampling it to address the playback speed problem, but that would likely just correct the playback speed and not the clicking.

    There's nothing wrong with your gear, it's just a matter of how you're using it. Although the H4n can be used as an interface, it's really meant to be a standalone recorder. Maybe that would be the best way to use it. If you do want to use it as an interface, experiment with the settings on the recorder and in the software first to ensure things work together.

    Also note that the XLR inputs on the recorder are for mic level. If you want to record line level signals you may find that the TRS 1/4" inputs are better. I have used XLR-F to TRS cables successfully to capture a board mix to an H4n. When I've used XLR-F to XLR-M cables there have been times when the input of the recorder clipped even at its lowest record level setting.

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