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Thread: Zoom H1 buzzing when connected to camera

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    Zoom H1 buzzing when connected to camera

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    I have a Handy H1 and a Canon 80D that I use in conjunction with each other when recording the occasional video, currently I record on both then in the video edit add in the audio from the H1 but for ease of post processing I would like to connect them to record directly to the camera via the headphone/line out and mic in on the 80D. When they are connected I get this horrible buzzing regardless of the levels of the mic or the camera audio, and nothing that I change seems to affect anything.
    Am I just doomed to using them separately or there something else that I can do?

    Things I have tried:
    Adjusted audio levels on both camera and mic
    Various lengths of audio cable
    Various locations (inside/outside)

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    Are you using a TRS or a TS cable?

    It might be that the 80D has "plug-in power" meant to power external microphones which is causing problems with the headphone output.

    You can get a Sony ECM CS3 stereo mic for something like $20. That seems like a better option than plugging in a recorder by the headphone output.

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    Did you watch this?
    Using your Zoom Recorder with a DSLR Camera - YouTube

    You need to make sure plug-in power is OFF Iím the camera and the levels match. mic-mic or line-line

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