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Thread: zoom 4hn plus jvc everio digi cam ( your views please )

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    zoom 4hn plus jvc everio digi cam ( your views please )

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    Hi all , I have purchased a zoom 4hn and i have a jvc everio digi cam,
    Im hoping the Zoom will save me having to work out my Daw to do the audio,
    and im planning to do visual on my digi cam,
    does any one else use this option ?
    im hoping it works out well as im just starting out ,,

    its crazy ive played guitar for 35 years and never recorded myself ,
    Which is a bit of a waste ,,
    i can play well im just not tech minded ,, ive bought various 4 track recorders over the years and just sold them as couldnt get on with them ..
    i think ive just started to understand the tech side a bit and hoping to get a few tunes down,,
    thanks for taking time to read

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    I dont know the DigiCam, but I have used my H4n to feed audio to Sanyo HD2000. It was definitely an improvement over the internal cam's mic, but is a bit complicated to get all set up. Instead, I've done the video on the Sanyo, and then used my H4n or now my R24 to record the audio which I add to the video in PowerDirector 15.

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    I do lots of live concert videos using a Zoom H5 to capture audio*. It's about a billion times better than the onboard audio of the typical camcorder. It does take a little work to get the audio synced to the video in post.

    *Generally a combination of the onboard mic plus a feed from the house system.

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    It would be easier to reply if you describe exactly what you mean by the "zoom plus jvc" part.

    If you mean to plug the H4n into a camcorder microphone input, that will require either the camera to have a menu setting to change the mic input to expect a LINE level signal, or you'll have to dial the output of the Zoom *way* down, as it's much too high for anything expecting a microphone level signal. Microphone input, if one, on consumer camcorders generally expects a stereo electret/condenser type external microphone. (I don't know the model JVC you have, and if it does not have a mic input, never mind!)

    If you plan to record the audio separately and sync, as @bouldersoundguy (and others) do, I can tell you that can be a little fiddly for someone "not tech minded" though it's not an impossible task, of course.
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