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Thread: Which one better: new Zoom H1n or an old zoom H2

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    Question Which one better: new Zoom H1n or an old zoom H2

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    I'm planning to film some amateur Music School concerts...

    I'm using two "camera" setup...

    • An iphone XS (4k 24fps) for wide view (and maybe some cropping in post)
    • A Panasonic G80/85 for close ups and details
    • A Rode Videomicro (maybe on the iphone)
    • A Zoom recorder at 48kHz 24bit

    And now comes the question...

    I don't know if get a new Zoom H1n or an old H2 (second hand), as safety source of audio and better audio.... ( I have no more budget... )

    What do you think?

    Thank you in advance....

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    I would get a new recorder at this point. The original H2 (which I still have), while a very good device, likely does not have the same quality of mics and pres a new, entry recorder has.

    I'd also look at the Tascam DR-05X - not a lot of reviews because they just updated this model, but the previous version was very good.

    You'll want to get an appropriate stand adapter - or fashion something yourself, ideally with a bit of shock protection, because all of these will pick up physical noise pretty well. A wind screen (fuzzy "dead kitten" type) is also necessary for outdoor venues IMO.
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    Thank you !!

    And yes... in case of getting the Zoom H1n, I was plannig to get a shock mount and a foam windscreen...

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