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Thread: Looking to replace a Zoom H2

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    Looking to replace a Zoom H2

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    I have had my Zoom H2 voice recorder since late 2011, and whilst it still does the job without dramas, it is certainly showing it's age. The rechargable batteries I use for it are earmarked for replacement, but I have delayed it for a little bit due to the possibility of acquiring a replacement device.

    In my opinion, the Olympus recorders seem to have a good reputation going by what I've read about them, and I am thinking of purchasing one of this brand. Essentially what I need is something that has similar functions to the Zoom H2, doesn't take too long to start up (30 secs max preferred), has a rechargeable battery included, and can be used for several hours without the battery going flat.

    I am ok with paying up to $250 for a replacement device, but given it's 2019, I would think that 2007 technology with the Zoom device would be cheaply available.

    I mainly use it to record in the same kind of environment continuously. There can be very loud noises at times, but most of the time the volume doesn't differ significantly. But it has to be able to handle very high pitch/deep noises that the Zoom H2 wasn't really able to without using a bitrate within the 4 digit rate.

    I generally use a 192kbs per second bitrate, so it would need to have a slot that can accommodate at least a 4gb memory card.

    I essentially want something that can record something with similar or better quality of a DSLR camera with a microphone picking up the input, whilst not using too much disk space on the PC. I would prefer to purchase the device ASAP, so what would be recommended here?

    I probably should mention that I am in Adelaide, South Australia. I would prefer to buy locally, but if the price difference is too high, then it'll be online.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you look around you might be able to find an H4n Pro within your budget.

    Pretty much any decent dedicated audio recorder will give you better quality than a DSLR.

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    Well after several hours of researching, and looking at other models, I am almost ready to jump to a conclusion that it may be best to just keep the H2 I have now, despite the fact that it's missing the back cover, the screen doesn't light up, the print on the device is faded, and the volume button is half jammed.

    It's like a car with no paint left that still runs as though it was brand new. The H2n seems to have better battery life, but I'm not really interested in paying roughly $200 or more for something nearly identical that will have to see at least 5-6 years of use to pay for itself.

    Looks like another trip to the supermarket to replace the batteries is on the cards.

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    @MT269 , looks like you've made your decision, but if you only need stereo recording, and want something new, the Tascam DR-05 is just as capable as the H2. (I have an H2 from probably 2010.) The DR-05 are less than $100USD over here. A friend has a couple and has been using them almost as long as I've had my H2.

    FWIW, you are not recording at a high quality if you are using the MP3 recording mode of 192kbps. I would recommend using a non-lossy format, because that low bitrate is probably part of the reason you feel you are not getting full range recordings. If you must use MP3, then bump that up to 256k or 320k, IMO, but you'd be better off recording a WAV format at 48kHz/24-bit (or 44.1kHz if you are not doing video).

    The H2 is capable of 96kHz recording, but you'll use twice as much storage, and unless you are recording bats, not necessary (again, IMO).

    If you really expect to get better quality recordings, you'll have to buy something that takes external microphones, because the built-in mics, while pretty decent, are going to limit you. I don't believe any of the manufacturers are pouring R&D money into the bottom of their product line. Something like the new Zoom F6 with appropriate mics for recording would set you up for a long time, but you'd have to increase your budget significantly. The H4n, with a couple of good mics, would be an upgrade over the H2, but more fiddly to set up and use, so it depends on what you are doing whether any kind of multiple piece rig is going to work, but that's really what's required to go to an audibly better recording.
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