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Thread: Help me choose! Zoom H6 vs 2x AKG P170 + 2i2

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    Lightbulb Help me choose! Zoom H6 vs 2x AKG P170 + 2i2

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    Well I suppose this kind of questions get asked often, but here it foes:

    I'm considering buying some gear to help me record myself - so pretty much exclusively acoustic guitar recordings. I have been reading and I think that for most ocassions I will resort to an XY configuration with whatever mics I buy. I have listened extensively to XY, spaced pair and ORTF recordings and find the XY sound more to my liking (acoustic guitar wise).

    My actual budget is close to $350 (with great effort :'( ) so I was considering a couple of options:

    1. A Scarlett 2i2 ($150) + 2 AKG P170 ($100 each) for a total of $350
    2. A Zoom H6 (basic pack with XY and MS microphones), for a total of $300

    The Pros I see from option 1 are, I think, that I have some more versatility in the short term if I ever wish to mix things up with the mics, and also that if any single piece of gear fails I won't be dead in the water. If the H6 fails I'm ****ed, because I live in Peru and there's no way I could make use of any kind of warranty.

    Pros from option 2 are a cheaper price (including a pretty big difference in shipping costs) and I suppose the chance to use the H6 with other mics in the future for more complex recordings (since it has up to 4 XLR inputs).

    Anyway, I'm fairly new at this, so I really wanted some more expert feedback. Feel free to rip my stupid analysis to pieces

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    To be sure.........your analysis is not stupid at all. From my point of view.......I'd go with option one.........for the reasons you stated and I was wondering if that package included any free DAW software or not. If it does..........all the better. If not.........consider downloading Reaper (free to download and use).....or trial packages of other DAW's.......or even use Audacity if need be. A DAW gives you many more options. If you have a PC of some sort........even one that might be a bit may be able to run you WAY MORE flexibility than a standalone unit.
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    I suspect the 2i2 would be preferable if you end up doing any overdubbing or punch ins. The H6 is primarily a live recorder.

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    I'd vote for interface + mics, if your sole use is recording at home.

    Now, the H6 can also be used as an audio interface, so there's that. But, I think it's overkill for what you are wanting to do, as it's marketed and sold in their "Handy" recorder line (top model, actually) though it's probably found more use as a field recorder in the DSLR video world, from what I've seen. The big plus is that it can provide up to 6 simultaneous recording inputs, either recorded to the SD card on the H6 or to an attached computer when in audio interface mode (but not both at the same time).

    I have an H6, and I've experimented with it as an audio interface. To me, it's just too small and fiddly for that purpose, but I'm spoiled by having a regular audio interface, and I've been using one or another of those things now for longer than I've had the H6 (6+ years). I've done many, many hours of live recordings using my H6, and with the exension module, recorded 6 tracks. It's really a great piece of gear, but just not optimized for home recording IMO. (If you went the Zoom route, I don't see any reason why you'd need more than an H4n or H5, which could still operate as audio interfaces, and still take external mics, if you wanted to buy one or two and experiment with other mic configurations.)
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    Another vote from me for mics plus interface and I have two (not a matched pr) of P150s and they are pretty good microphones. The P170 just later and better.

    But, before you put you money down for the "All conquering F'rite" do have a look at some other interfaces? Notably the Steinberg UR22 and the Tascam 2x2. Bit more dosh but you do get MIDI and possibly some other facitiries. The UR22 gives you a useful version of Cubase.

    Anyhoosess! ALL power to your elbow for wanting to do XY stereo! SO many peeps come here and want to buy (or worse! HAVE bought!) one of those limited, one lunged horrors and unless all they want to do is Podcast they will be frustrated very quickly IMHO.

    Someone is sure to come in and mention the Behringers? But not I!

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    Hello! I just wanted to thank you so much for your input. I honestly wasn't expecting to get answers. Forums are like that, sometimes. You guys made my day. I'm genuinely happy at the moment, a somewhat rare occurence, in a way!

    Dave: I'll be sure to check those other interfaces Is there any particular advantage to the MIDI output? I'm curious.

    Mickster: I'll be sure to download Reaper. I'm pretty sure the 2i2 comes with its own DAW ("Ableton Live Lite 8"), but I'm all for experimenting and I suppose Lite version are intrinsically limited anyway.

    Thank you again!
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