Hi. I just purchased this US-1200 upgrading from a little US-100. I've got the newest drivers downloaded and everything seems to be working but my problem is this. When I record with a mic or instument, I have to to turn the interface volume up quite high (3/4 or better) to hear anything on my headphones or through my studio speakers. When the volume is turned up this high I can can hear it, although not loud, but I can also hear the sound distorting so I have to turn the mic way down to barely hear it. But on playback, it comes through so loud that I can't hear the next instrument to record unless I turn up the volume on the interface for that input and it distorts again. I hope someone can help me with this problem. It's me not doing something right I'm sure but it's starting to really irritate me. I had no trouble at all using my US-100. My DAW is Studio One Artist if that has anything to do with the fix.