Hi all.

I can't find anything on my own, so I'm here to find a guru that can help me with what i hope is a simple fix, be it mechanical or otherwise.. I have a really nice and low hours TSR-8 and the only thing besides the stop button not working until it is pressed 3 times or more.. is that the counter display only reads 0000..

When i press the 'check' button it reads ---- as I believe is correct.. I have taken off the counter roller and checked it out.. its totally clean and on the back.. i looked at the PCB with the photo interruptors on it and they look clean.. i cleaned the connector pins with deoxit..

The rubber on the wheel is all good and the fact that it only reads 0000 leads me to believe its the photo interruptors.. are they known to go bad? could it be the display? One thing that I notice is that the display does ever so slightly flicker when rewinding and intermittently shows a -0000.

That's about all I can explain..

Any ideas? Anything would be greatly appreciated..