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Thread: Tascam MX2424 And Rhino Jr Hot Swapable SCSI

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    Tascam MX2424 And Rhino Jr Hot Swapable SCSI

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    I have my MX2424, with internal hard drive working well, and my external drive being fed from rear panel SCSI Wide, as back up.

    Working well, totally efficient

    Running OS V3.10, with 256mb memory installed.

    Stumbled in to a Rhino Jr front panel SCSI Hot Swap drive, that was not working, but after two days of
    tinkering with it, I realized that the fact that the lock was jammed from an impact, was the reason it wasn't working.

    Carefully played with the tumblers in the lock, and it finally came unjammed.

    Installed it in a working Tascam MX2424 and it came to life!

    Ran several tests; New program, rec, play, smart copy.. All is well with the Rhino Jr now.

    My question is; Should I install the Rhino Jr in my primary MX2424 in order to have more Hard drive space, and to use it for back ups? (This would be in ADDITION to the working back up external drive I mentioned above)

    OR; Should I remove the drive itself from Rhino Jr and place it in a proper external housing, (it's cheap to buy the housing) and put that unit inline after the first external drive, as a second external SCSI?

    Wouldn't the 2nd external SCSI idea keep things cooler in the Tascam, therefore increasing long term overall reliability?

    That is what I thought I read somewhere..

    Anyone who has an opinion, or,
    are you still around, Alan? Cheers... Dan

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    As I have said many times in the past when giving advice on this, remove all the drives from the MX and put them in an external box. The reasons are, reducing heat and lowering the load on the MX power supply.

    Will the rino fit in an external box? Then you can rack out the drive if you wish? I have a tower with several rack out drives, this gives me the option of having separate drives for each band project and a back up drive. By the way I have built several versions of external towers, everything from old computer cases to server cases to heavy duty drive towers, they all work fine as external towers.


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    Thanks Alan, this is probably where I had read that before, so it stuck with me, which is good.

    Glad I asked, and glad you confirmed what I suspected.. I thought about it after I posted, that the best reason to use external drives, would be to ease the load on the MX power supply, and reduce heat.

    My current external drive is an Avid- Model; Ultra 320 LVD 6th Gen 10k

    I just found another one, same model, no hard drive, for $33 delivered, so I'll just take the hard drive from the Rhino, and throw it in the Avid. They are stackable.

    Great advice on creating towers, btw..

    Thanks for the reply Alan, glad I double checked. dc

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