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Thread: Tascam MS16 vs. MSR24 S?? Help!!

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    Tascam MS16 vs. MSR24 S?? Help!!

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    I'm think of moving from my Tascam MS16 1" w/dbx, to a Tascam MSR24 1" w/Dolby S. Any thoughts on this move,,,good or bad? For better or worse, lay it on me. Thanks in advance!! Kenny

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    The track width will obviously be a bit thinner and so will the sound too but, Dolby S is a bit more transparent on the sound, leaving less artifacts then the dbx so there may well be a bit of a gain in realism. The MSR24 being a slightly newer machine may also prove to be a bit more reliable in as far as channel cutting in and out due to relay issues that many MS16 users including myself experience from time to time.

    Of course, any tapes you made on the 16 track will not be compatible with the 24 track so best make preparations to deal with not having a means to go back and remix if you are discarding the older deck. Dumping tracks onto a computer seems to be the fashionable thing to do these days but best do that in a 24 bit environment if you wish to preserve the detail of what you originally captured.

    Good luck.


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