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Thread: Tascam DR-70D Not Maintaining Audio Sync With Video

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    Tascam DR-70D Not Maintaining Audio Sync With Video

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    I am a professional cameraman, now exploring the video capability of my Sony A7S (shoots awesome video). I am having problems trying to sync up the audio recorded on a Tascam DR-70D with the video from my Sony. I can quite easily sync up the tascam audio at any point but it drifts quite quickly and becomes out of sync.
    Subject and microphone about 3 metres away from the camera/tascam. Audio from the Tascam also sent to the camera as a guide track. Audio on camera actually sounds OK and is of course in sync.
    There was 1 mono track dual recorded on the Tascam.
    Any ideas where to start?

    Well one week without any responses, that's a little disappointing.
    Luckily I have discovered a few things myself.. The problem with the audio recorded on the tascam NOT maintaining sync only seems to happen when dual recording is enabled. This could well be a bug. I have contacted tascam, alas no reply..
    They are not great at customer support it would seem..
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    Explain dual recording. Are you using a video editing program to combine A with V?

    I use a DR-07 with a Sony NEX3 edited with Kdenlive, works perfect.

    EDIT: I confused 70 and 07 I can't help but interested in the solution
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    A couple of thoughts.

    Be sure your audio sample rates are matched if you use the camera's audio to sync up to the remote audio.

    When editing, you may have to cut and move the audio around to maintain sync if the audio rates don't match.

    What are you previewing the external audio and video with? If you are using a video editor and adding effects/processing and maybe your computer is not up to the task, you could see sync issues in realtime preview. Have you tried rendering the video then checking sync?

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